Luxurious Handcrafted Soap, Scrubs, Lotion Bars, & Bath Salts made in Colorado

Enjoy our handcrafted products, made in Evergreen Colorado in a dedicated facility. Indulge yourself today; you deserve it! 

  • Our Handcrafted Soaps come in a wide variety, from soothing to cleansing, from flowery to masculine. Check out our Children’s Bars, made with no Color or Scent, for sensitive skin.
  • Our Bath Salts come in several varieties. Choose a scent and pour some in to your next bath.
  • Our Salt Scrubs feature Dead Sea Salt, and are an invigorating way to cleanse the skin.
  • Our Sugar Scrubs will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • Our Cuticle Balm will pamper your nails and cuticles overnight, ready for the day ahead.
  • Our Body Lotion Bars are a terrific new way to hydrate your skin. Choose from three scents, and rub on as needed to dry skin areas.
  • Our Accessory Products will energize your bathroom or kitchen. Choose from Soap Lifts to keep the bar dry, or natural Sisal Wash Cloths and Soap Bags. Pumice Stone Foot Scrubs are an inexpensive way to care for your feet.
  • Feeling a bit adventurous? Order some Seed Balls, and place them in your garden to experience some wildflower beauty. Become a Guerilla Gardener and deposit a few in a vacant lot or along your favorite pathway.

Indulge Yourself !!!

Everyone needs to be pampered from time to time.  You work hard, you play hard. Now take a moment just for yourself. Invest a small sum in a Soap with your favorite scent, a soothing Lotion Bar, or a Bath Product. Take charge of your life. After all, its the little things that make us happy. Who but you will be responsible for that happiness?

We offer a wide variety of choices and sizes for most products. For every person who loves one particular sent, there’s another person who cherishes a variety.

Is there a special person in your life who needs a pick-me-up? Send them a Soap Bar, or perhaps even a Gift Box. Make their day; they will send you back some love down the road.

Featured Products

Our Featured Products rotate in constantly. Some are New to our store, some are Over-stocked, and some are Seasonal. We choose these products to give you, the consumer, a quick look at what is newly available or perhaps On Sale. All of our products are freshly made here at our studio. Soap and other products need to dry and age for weeks at a time, so we are constantly bringing in something new to liven up our product line.


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  • Crafted with love

    That’s right, everything we make has a little shot of love in it. Sip it, you can tell. The packaging, the shipping, the details to your order. Love…. it’s not just a four letter word.

  • Simple and Elegant

    Nothing fancy really, no extra packing materials to waste or pollute. No ingredients that don’t do something meaningful for the product. Just the things you need and want. 

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What People Are Saying About Us

“Silky and lightly-scented, this is my everyday soap which goes beyond just looking pretty in a dish!”

Lisa G in Marion MAInsurance Professional

“I have been using Brook Forest products for a while and they are great! Wonderful variety of scents, long lasting, and they don’t dry my skin out. Try them! You won’t be disappointed.”

Ruth C in Mattapoisett MARetired

“Love Brook Forest soaps! We often have house guests, so they are the perfect size. No one wants to suds up with an already used soap!”

Sydney P in Bellevue WARetired

“I’ve been using Brook Forest soap for years and love it! Haven’t found anything better! The scents remind me of being at an all natural hot springs resort. the suds are great too and leave your skin feeling clean and soft. I love the fact that only natural good for you ingredients are used. Plus, they are pretty and make great gifts!”

Mary R in Littleton CONatural Resources professional

“During this last Colorado winter my skin was not as dry since I have been using handmade soaps from Brook Forest Soap Company.”

Daniel R in Evergreen COEngineer

“I love Brook Forest soap. It lathers very nicely. There is no residue or dryness, and my skin always feels smooth and moist.”

Vivian W in Lakewood CORetired

“Wonderful soap, I love the clean smelling grapefruit scent and the fact that it lasts a good while!”

Hilary S in Golden COChef

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